Name IP Address Map Players
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_dust2 18/18
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_inferno 24/32
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 10/30
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 25/30


LeadOn Battle Royal 2019 är en fortnite turnering som letar efter dem bästa spelare i Haninge. Turneringen är för dig som är mellan 9-13 år med föräldrarnas tillstånd. Turneringen består av 2 kvalomgång, den första kvalomgång sker i slutet av sommaren och andra kvalomgången sker under hösten.


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Boka ett gaming rum för dig och dina kompisar under höstlovet. Helt gratis!

Under höstlovet kan du nu boka din alldeles egna gaming rum för dig och dina kompisar mellan 9-15 år. Detta kan du göra från och med den 29 oktober ända till 4 November. Vi vill att så många som möjligt tar del av detta och vi hoppas att det kan trigga igång även ett intresse för att även vilja satsa på esporten på elitnivå.


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Want to learn to setup a LAN or an e-sport scene?

LeadOn together with Porten are going to create the first e-sport workshop in Haninge. Here you can learn to setup a LAN and also the exciting part is that you have the opportunity to learn how to create your own e-sport stage. Where you can learn to setup everything from spotlights to projectors. You will also have the opportunity to LAN party the whole night and have great time with us in LeadOn.


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LeadOn is recruiting e-sport players and teams.

Whether you want to improve your gameplay with your friends or get to the big scene LeadOn is here to help. In our arsenal we have the tools ready to help you achieve your dreams.

LeadOn will offer you*:

- LeadOn official e-sport shirt.
- E-sport facility.
- An outdoor workout park.
(100 meters from our e-sports facility.)
- Inhouse tournaments and competitions.
- Skirmishes against other teams.
- Find other players to your team.
- Experienced personnel to help manage your team.

* Pending availability

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Want to become an e-sport coach? Join us today!

We in LeadOn strongly believe that e-sport coach is the profession of the future. Some countries already have it as a profession with salaries up to 3000 euros a month and a ever expanding e-sport culture. LeadOn has approached this new field of work and is ready to educate and prepare new e-sports coaches here in Stockholm.


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New LeadOn website launched!

New design on LeadOns Website lauched.

At the moment we are still developing the website and many of the features listed in the website is not finished. The most vital functions are active at the moment.

The following functions are active:

- Register as a member in our LeadOn community.
- Create an official team online.
- Login into the community website.
- Application form for coach recruitment.
- Application form for Players and Teams.
- Event information.
(No current events are planned at the moment.)

We will get more features in the upcoming weeks.

If you want to be part of the LeadOn website development team send an e-mail to info@leadon.se


Best regards,
LeadOn Developement team