Name IP Address Map Players
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_dust2 18/18
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_inferno 24/32
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 10/30
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 25/30

Coach recruitment!

We in LeadOn strongly believe that e-sport coach is the profession of the future. Some countries already have it as a profession with salaries up to 3000 euros a month and a ever expanding e-sport culture. LeadOn has approached this new field of work and is ready to educate and prepare new e-sports coaches here in Stockholm.


After your training we either provide you with a team or you are free to recruit your own e-sport team. You will also gain access to our e-sports facility where you can train with your team. Our e-sport facility is also located 100 meters from an outside training park where you can workout with your team.

At this point it is up to you whether you do it just as a hobby or collaborate with your team and get to the big e-sports scene and make money out of it.

We are looking for the following attributes:


  • An ability to analyze games.

  • You have in-depth knowledge for a specific game or you have an easy time acquiring knowledge.

  • You have good communication skills.

  • You like to motivate people/players in a positive way.


So if you feel that the following applies to you then don’t hesitate to send in your application.


All doors are open and we are currently recruiting up to 50 coaches. Grab your spot today and become part of the future with us.


All of this is free of charge. Together we grow stronger and together we will help the e-sports culture to grow even more.


Be part of the future, be part of the LeadOn family.


Next step is to fill the form and we will contact you in a few days:.

Your full name:




E-mail address:


At the current time what do you want to coach in:

Other information you want us to know: