Name IP Address Map Players
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_dust2 18/18
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx de_inferno 24/32
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 10/30
Coming in the future xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx normal 25/30

Player / Team recruitment!

Whether you want to improve your gameplay with your friends or get to the big scene LeadOn is here to help. In our arsenal we have the tools ready to help you achieve your dreams

What we expect from you is a good attitude and the will to achieve your personal goals and/or professional goals.. As a part of LeadOn we will help you every step of the way.

The only thing we require from you is that you don’t associate LeadOn with things we don’t condon.

LeadOn will offer you*:

  • LeadOn official e-sport shirt

  • E-sport facility.

  • An outdoor workout park. (100 meters from our e-sports facility.)

  • Inhouse tournaments and competitions.

  • Skirmishes against other teams.

  • Find other players to your team.

  • Experienced personnel to help manage your team.

We also have an e-sport coach recruitment program that we hope will allow us to assign an e-sport coach to your team.

All of this is free of charge. Together we grow stronger and together we will help the e-sports culture to grow even more.

Be part of the future, be part of the LeadOn family.

* Pending availability


Next step is to fill the form and we will contact you in a few days:.

Your full name:




E-mail address:


What game(s) do you want to play::



Are you looking for a team/team members?  If you are part of a team please type the full name of your teammates.

Other information you want us to know: